Unique Color is specialized in field of color coating intelligent matching system and advanced color tinting engineering , give the one-step solution of color for coating industry .

Color Paint has always been seen as trouble in coating industry. Low efficiency of manufacturing,big aberration of paint, excessive tailing materials, cost beyond control, plenty of sewage and mess of work site.  All of these problems have been headache to paint companies.As the National Environment Law 2015 strengthens supervision,it becomes the only choice of paint company to upgrade production to sanitary production level, otherwise the only result will be wed out.

Unique Color Ltd is one of the earliest companies in China to conduct system research on intelligent color-matching technology, carry out surpassing imitation journey of innovation. Now Unique Color Ltd. has successful operation case in factory intelligent color-matching turn-key projects,regional factory,remote color-matching center,color lab,cloud computing network and POS tinting system in terminal retail shops.

The main business of Unique Color Ltd  is to provide Turn-Key Solution for color-matching project, including whole process and service of design,installation,operation and delivery for integrated color project for paint company. Our mission is to upgrade the China paint industry by adopting premium color-matching technology and program.

Unique Color Ltd is expecting to work with paint manufacturer for a beautiful and brighter future of sanitary production and efficient operation.